About FLEX-WELD Incorporated / KEFLEX™ HVAC Products

FLEX-WELD Incorporated / KEFLEX™ Products is a fully-equipped American manufacturing facility for the design and manufacture of flexible metal hose, bellows, expansion joints and other flexible engineered components. Finished assemblies, ready to install, are available in each of the product lines. Testing and final cleaning are available to meet stringent technical requirements.

We have been designing and fabricating these products for over 100 years. Our products include a wide variety of material types, sizes and configurations which are used in literally thousands of applications.

Solving problems with engineered solutions has been our strength in achieving total customer satisfaction. We encourage the submittal of competitor's failures in order for us to perform metallurgical analysis and design a replacement assembly that will function in conformance with the customer's requirements.

We are manufacturers that specialize in innovative engineering approaches to unique customer applications.

FLEX-WELD Incorporated / KEFLEX™ HVAC Products History

FLEX-WELD began in California in 1905 as U.S. Flex

The Guardian Companies

FLEX-WELD Incorporated / KEFLEX™ HVAC Products is part of the Guardian Engineering and Manufacturing family of companies that includes: Guardian Electric Manufacturing, Advanced Molding Technologies, and Western Consolidated Technologies.

Continuous Improvement

Our commitment to "Total Customer Satisfaction" starts with our continuous improvement philosophy. We have embarked on a corporate strategy to eliminate waste in delivering customer requirements. Our lean initiatives aim to reduce waste while achieving targeted productivity by emphasizing innovative tools and techniques. This includes using less human effort, less manufacturing space, and less investment tools to develop a new product. Lean manufacturing tools used by our trained employees include: 5S, Standardized Work, Value Stream Mapping (VSM), Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Self-Directed Work Teams, Mixed/Level-Loaded Production, Setup Reduction (SMED), Poka Yoke, and Office Mapping.

Coupled with our Lean tools are our Six Sigma initiatives focusing on eliminating problems with the manufacturing of products. Our Six Sigma has two goals, the first is to improve the current process and products. The second is to create new processes that are better suited to elimination of defects.

AMT is certified in ISO, AS and TS Quality Systems. Within the framework of our Quality system, every new product moves through our comprehensive Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) to ensure that our products continue our tradition of engineering excellence and manufacturing quality.

Our Environmental Policy

Maintaining compliance with all environmental laws and regulations.

Implementing pollution prevention projects and programs where practical.

Improving our environmental performance through defined environmental objectives.

Communicating with our employees regarding our plans and progress in environmental management.